First Steps

Don't forget our next prayer meeting is coming up on Thursday 3rd August at 7:30pm. We will be praying over issues in our lives and our world today. Join us as we pray, believe and praise God for our break through! 

We'll be watching a movie another movie this Tuesday at 7:30pm at our Bible Study meeting. Come along to be blessed once again. 

Join us together at Elim Church Dundee as watch this motion picture. It'll be a night not to miss!

Movie Night

A new mid-week meeting will begin on Wednesday 28th June at 11am. It will be on every following Wednesday until otherwise noted. It is aimed at new christians who are still finding their feet and would like direction in their new found faith. 10 things to remember for those new christians:


1. Make sure you are saved

2. Tell someone

3. Establish a quiet time

4. Pray

5. Make christian friends

6. Find a church

7. Be baptised

8. Learn to give

9. Memorise God's word

10. Find an accountability friend 


Prayer Gathering