First Steps

Don't forget our next prayer meeting is coming up on Thursday 5th October 7:30pm. We will be praying over issues in our lives and our world today. Join us as we pray, believe and praise God for our break through! 

Join us each Wednesday at 11:00am to explore and discover faith in Jesus Christ. First Steps is aimed at new christians who are still finding their feet and would like direction in their new found faith. Some of the topics explored are:


1. Salvation

2. Baptism

3. The Holy Spirit

4. Prayer

5. Church

6. Serving

7. Sharing your faith

8. Giving

9. The Bible

10. Worship


Prayer Gathering

The Prayer Course is a six week course on Prayer.  Starting 29th August at 7:30pm each Tuesday night.  Join us and discover the power and excitement of prayer.  Subjects covered are:

Week 1: Purpose in Prayer - Adoration

Week 2: Power in Prayer - Petition

Week 3: Prevailing in Prayer - Intercession

Week 4: Perseverance in Prayer - Dealing with disappointment

Week 5: Perspective in Prayer - Learning to listen

Week 6: Partnership in Prayer - Spiritual Warfare

Your prayer life won't be the same after attending the prayer course!

The Prayer Course