Title: A Passing Opportunity 

 Author: Pastor Frank Anderson-Aidoo

 Date: Sunday 8th July, 2017

 Description: A truly encouraging and inspiring message from Pastor Frank from Ghana. Let us stop from allowing opportunities to pass us by. This link takes you to a video of the preaching posted onto our Facebook Page: Dundee Elim Church

  • Rethink Your Thinking Sermon32:25

 Title: The Holy Spirit

 Author: Pastor Steven Holmes

 Date: Sunday 7th May, 2017

 Description: Pastor Steven Holmes focused this teaching on John 14:15. Watch and listen as he delves into encouraging points about the Holy Spirit.

  • Joy Through Unity and Humility - 23rd July47:40

  • The Joy of Knowing Jesus Christ - 30th July37:33

  • Freedom from anxiety and worry35:37

 Title: Making a decision to make a decision

 Author: Pastor Steven Holmes

 Date: Sunday 18th June, 2017

 Description: Join us in this recording of Pastor Steven's teaching named: Making a decision to make a decision. The sermon looked at Hebrews 11:24 and continues from there.

 Title: Encounters with Jesus

 Author: Pastor Steven Holmes

 Date: Sunday 26th March, 2017

 Description: Happy Mother's Day! Click the link in this box whih takes you to our vimeo page where you can view this recording of Pastor Steven's sermon: Encounters with Jesus. We hope you are blessed. Thank you for watching.